Month: February 2016

Concept to Completion – Viva Ate

Our second assignment for Illustration 2, creating a cover illustration for the Bold Italic article Viva Ate


  1. Initial + Final Sketch of Cover



2) Final Cover – Gouache


spot sketches

3) Initial Spot Illustration Sketches – Balut and Kidney Steak



4) Final Spot Illustrations – Pen and Ink



Concept to Completion: Little Miss Muffet

Our first assignment in Illustration 1 (fall 2015) with Randy Chavez. ¬†Children’s book cover for a retold version of the little Miss Muffet Rhyme.

  1. Character Lineup: trying to get a feel for the different characters in the story and trying to give them all a unique feel and design

muffet character lineup

2. Rough Sketch


3. Value Study (Graphite)


4. Final Illustration (Watercolor, 10 X 14)

muffet final color