Concept to Completion

Concept to Completion – The King in Yellow

First assignment for Illustration 2, magazine spread for Raymond Chandler’s short story ‘The King in Yellow’


Initial Sketch

king in yellowedited

Final Sketch

king in yellow finall sketchedited

Finished piece (14 x 17)

king in yellowedited


Concept to Completion – Viva Ate

Our second assignment for Illustration 2, creating a cover illustration for the Bold Italic article Viva Ate


  1. Initial + Final Sketch of Cover



2) Final Cover – Gouache


spot sketches

3) Initial Spot Illustration Sketches – Balut and Kidney Steak



4) Final Spot Illustrations – Pen and Ink


Concept to Completion: Little Miss Muffet

Our first assignment in Illustration 1 (fall 2015) with Randy Chavez.  Children’s book cover for a retold version of the little Miss Muffet Rhyme.

  1. Character Lineup: trying to get a feel for the different characters in the story and trying to give them all a unique feel and design

muffet character lineup

2. Rough Sketch


3. Value Study (Graphite)


4. Final Illustration (Watercolor, 10 X 14)

muffet final color

Concept to Completion: Climbing the Jenga Tower

AP Art prompt: Create a concentration piece that incorporates a recognizable game piece.


Sketching crumbling Jenga towers for preparation.   Top two with reference, bottom three from imagination.


Pencil sketch which was then transferred onto the wooden board.  At first when I had painted the background orange I was just going to keep the Jenga blocks brown until I constructed the tower for fun using my physics teacher’s set:


At this point I realize that the light blue created a nice and needed contrast with the orange. IMG_2722

Completed painting, of which I unfortunately did not take any progress shots as I had to work very quickly.