Color For Illustration

A memory as a Dream (originally black and white, the yellow was added on critique day)



Repeating pattern for Urban Outfitters type fabric and paper design.  I love me some Trilobites



‘An Alien World’ I have never seem snow, and is thusly very alien to me.



DVD Cover design, for ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’alfigeroid_criterioncollection-copy


‘And Upside Downsie’



Hot new Singles: Song cover art, for made up single ‘Queequeg’alfigeroid_hotnewtunescopy


Electromagnetica – fictional afro-futuristic off-broadway playalfigeroid_electromagnetica-copy


Illustration 3 – A mostly comprehensive collection

The Loser: Response to one-man avante garde opera ‘The Loser’



Three words, three illustrations: Sun. Space. Cling.



Editorial Article Response: Walking encourages branching and varied creative thoughts.


Three views of our chicken.



Spot Illustrations: Five images based upon a note that my teacher found on the street.


Concept to Completion: Little Miss Muffet

Our first assignment in Illustration 1 (fall 2015) with Randy Chavez.  Children’s book cover for a retold version of the little Miss Muffet Rhyme.

  1. Character Lineup: trying to get a feel for the different characters in the story and trying to give them all a unique feel and design

muffet character lineup

2. Rough Sketch


3. Value Study (Graphite)


4. Final Illustration (Watercolor, 10 X 14)

muffet final color

Concept to Completion: Climbing the Jenga Tower

AP Art prompt: Create a concentration piece that incorporates a recognizable game piece.


Sketching crumbling Jenga towers for preparation.   Top two with reference, bottom three from imagination.


Pencil sketch which was then transferred onto the wooden board.  At first when I had painted the background orange I was just going to keep the Jenga blocks brown until I constructed the tower for fun using my physics teacher’s set:


At this point I realize that the light blue created a nice and needed contrast with the orange. IMG_2722

Completed painting, of which I unfortunately did not take any progress shots as I had to work very quickly.