Month: March 2014

Concept to Completion: Muscular Dystrophy

IMG_0003 - Copy

For this year’s intaglio project we had to choose one of four prompts, and I chose the concept of hybridity, which i used to convey the disconnect that I feel between my body and my mind due to the mild form of muscular dystrophy that I was born with.


The first sketch, skeleton reference courtesy of  Kineman.


The plexi-glass plate.


The regular prints.




Chine-Collé with the Muscular Dystrophy definition printed on newsprint.


Also the regular prints make a really cool gif.




Concept to Completion: Climbing the Jenga Tower

AP Art prompt: Create a concentration piece that incorporates a recognizable game piece.


Sketching crumbling Jenga towers for preparation.   Top two with reference, bottom three from imagination.


Pencil sketch which was then transferred onto the wooden board.  At first when I had painted the background orange I was just going to keep the Jenga blocks brown until I constructed the tower for fun using my physics teacher’s set:


At this point I realize that the light blue created a nice and needed contrast with the orange. IMG_2722

Completed painting, of which I unfortunately did not take any progress shots as I had to work very quickly.